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Millennium Lake

Millennium Lake is a five acre body of water with depths reaching 14 feet. It can accommodate up to 30 rods and is stocked with at least 600 rainbow trout (mainly around 2lbs), with some larger fish up to 6lbs (subject to availability). Fly fishing at Millennium Lake is usually suspended at the end of May due to high water temperatures that are not suitable for trout. The start of the fly fishing season in the autumn depends on weather conditions and other factors, so it is recommended to check the "News and Prospects" or below for updates.

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Fly fishing is usually suspended at the end of May, due to high water temperatures being unsuitable for the stocking of trout. Check the ‘News and Prospects’ for when fly fishing commences in the autumn as this can be dependent on weather and other factors. From mid-May to the end of September this lake is open to any method of fishing.

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Trout preferring yellow trout paste and red trout paste

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